Las Vegas guest list and bottle service host experts. Let us help with you Las Vegas Bachelorette and Bachelor Party!

We are turning the lights on the crazy and sometimes confusing Vegas entertainment scene! There are a lot of clubs and parties to attend on the strip but we only work with the strip's hottest and most popular one's. We are here to advise on about each club, recommend those that fit your taste, and make sure you have" VIP" experience whether you want free guest list entry or buying bottles all night. We have hosts that will assist you at every venue, making the Vegas experience less of a hassle. We have a reputation to uphold so be assure that you will be at a true Vegas hot spot!

The most asked question we get is, " What is the best club tonight?"

THERE IS NO ONE RIGHT ANSWER! Every club has it's own personality just like people. Some clubs you will love, some you will hate!

There are some clubs you will enjoy more depending on a number of factors such as.... type of music, size of club, the group you are partying with, location, does the club offer gaming inside?, is there a view?, who spinning/singing/performing?, and the list goes on...

1. We are here to help plan your trip by giving you honest, unbiased information. We work with all Las Vegas nightclubs and pool parties, including XS, Light, Marquee, Hakkasan, Tryst, Tao, Pure, Haze, 1Oak, Bank, Encore Beach Club, Daylight Beach Club, Wet Republic and more.

2.Next, we tailor a nightlife experience to fit your needs, whether it's free entry, VIP walk-in, or bottle service. And, with our connections at every club, we will be able to make reservations, make sure you don't wait in a ridiculous line by escorting you to each venue. We can arrange guest list entry (At most clubs without a cover charge!!!) and table service.

3. WE KNOW THE LAYOUT AND THE PROPER BOTTLE/MINIMUM AMOUNTS OF EACH CLUB, and will insure you what's expected when making a table reservation. So explore our site and contact one of our VIP Service Hosts for any questions/reservations. Each reservation will have specific instructions/information sent to you via email/text and a personal host taking care of you at the venue!

Experience Vegas Nightlife, the Right Way!!

Only the Hottest Clubs, Only VIP!

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